Things You Need To Know About Root Canal Therapy

Root canal is nothing less than a scary word for many people due to the pain associated with both the infection and also the treatment. But, let’s not talk about the perception here. Many people think of something painful while others do not think so. However, this is the truth that root canal is generally painful, especially when it gets worse.

In order to get rid of the fear of root canal pain, you need to be more educated about the infection and its treatment. With better knowledge, you will be able to make better decisions about the treatment. Remember, appropriate and targeted treatment doesn’t result in much pain.

What is the root canal?

Root canal therapy is basically associated with the treatment of infected, inflamed or dead pulp of the tooth, for those who do not know what a pulp is, it is basically the part of tooth that hold nerves and blood vessels. It also consists of the tissues which make up of the ‘Alive’ part of tooth.

The infection in pulp can occur due to many reasons. If the germs and infectious bacteria find their way to the pulp, you can get the pulp infected, making it inevitable for you to consider root canal treatment. Cavities can make the tooth enamel and dentin to wear out. As a result, the infection affects pulp. Another reason is the trauma due to which tooth gets cracked or chipped. This scenario also leads to the dangerous exposure of tooth pulp. Teeth grinding can also result in the similar kind of exposure of tooth pulp.

How to know if you need root canal treatment?

While many of the symptoms may be identifiable only by your dentist, you need to consider toothache as the only heads up call in this concern. No matter what kind of infection your tooth is affected by, it can result in pain. In case you are in the need of root canal treatment, you can identify the condition by severe pain your tooth and jawbone.

When you go to the dentist, there will be an x-ray test run on your tooth. This test will reveal the real cause of tooth pain. It will also suggest if you really need root canal treatment.

The treatment process mainly consists of application of anesthesia in order to numb the infected area. The treatment further involves trilling of the hold from chewing surface of infected tooth. This hole runs through the enamel and dentin to infected area. The infected part of the pulp is then taken out. The hole is cleaned and then filled to stop the way for germs.

After the treatment, you may feel pain for a few days but this pain is not the permanent one. It subsides after a few days.


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